2020 Original Cast Recording

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At the turn of the twentieth century in rural America, David and Sadie, an engaged couple, face tragedy when David suddenly dies. But death isn’t about to stop David’s unconquerable spirit. On the other side, he teams up with a ghost named Eve, who helps him find a way back. The journey is fraught with peril, and to get to Sadie before she marries another man, David may have to make a pact with an agent of the devil.

TAKE MY DEATH AWAY is an enchanting Halloween musical and romantic comedy, featuring haunting melodies and upbeat bluegrass music. Directed by Bethany Taylor, it will run at the Angelus Theater in Spanish Fork from October 15th - 31st. To protect the actors and audience, social distancing and other safety guidelines will be followed.

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Having died an untimely death, David, now a spirit on the other side, is determined to find a way back to mortality.


For over a century, Eve has dedicated her afterlife to unlocking the secrets of life. Now she's committed to help David in his quest.


David's bereaving fiancee and assistant to Dr. Isaac. She's haunted by ghostly apparitions.

Dr. Isaac

A brilliant, young doctor and skeptic of the supernatural. With David out of the picture, he has his eyes on Sadie.

Dr. Kristoff

A gifted practitioner of the spiritual arts, he can help you commune with the dead (and much more) for a small fee.


One of the oldest residents of the graveyard, she's famous for her bone- rattling moans.


A newer death, he bemoans the fact that he has no better way to spend his afterlife than with Pat.


Sadie's great-aunt, a firm believer in the supernatural.


Sadie's great-uncle and Sarah's deceased husband. Haunting his own house, he can be less than friendly to guests.


A hobby spiritualist and emcee of the All Hallows Eve social